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     Q.  How should I store my pretzels to keep them the freshest?
To maintain freshness and flavor, we suggest you keep your pretzels in an airtight container in a cool, dry place (ideal temperature, 65-68 degrees).  Keep away from heat and direct sunlight.  You can freeze any leftovers in an airtight container and either eat them cold like a frozen candy bar (yummy) or place them on your counter and let them defrost naturally.  They are as good as new.

     Q.  I'm having a party/get together, how many pretzels should I order per person?
Stacey's Sweet Delights is very generous with its toppings.  "We're  told our embellished varieties are more like a meal."  We would suggest 1 to 2 per person, depending on what other desserts are being served.

     Q.  Do your products contain nuts?  
Some pretzels are made with toppings that contain nuts/peanuts.  All pretzels, by the way they are produced, may also contain traces of nuts or peanuts.  If you are allergic, we recommend you DO NOT consume our products

     Q.  Who picks the pretzel varieties when ordering a variety platter?

Stacey's Sweet Delights will choose the varieties in the platters unless otherwise requested through an email request.  Please note that there must be at least 4 different varieties in a platter to order a variety platter.  (If requesting varieties in a platter, please send an email through our contact page noting your name and address along with the request.

     Q.  Do you take custom orders?
Yes.  For corporate gifts, special holiday gifts or platters , centerpieces and favors (wedding, baby shower, anniversary, birthday, bar/bat mitzvah, etc.)  We are very accomodating and work with all budgets.  Please send inquiries through our contact link and we can discuss all the details

     Q.  What if I place an order during a warmer season or ship to a warmer climate?                                     
If placing an order during the warmer seasons (April- September) or to a warm climate (above 70 degrees),  all orders must be shipped with cold packs, for an additional charge.  (Please inquire about shipping rates).  We highly recommend shipping via next day due to delicate nature of chocolate.  If the customer chooses  not to ship this way, Stacey's Sweet Delights will not be held responsible and cannot guarantee the shipment will arrive without melting.

     Q.  How long will it take to receive my order?
Since our pretzels are made to order, it takes 3-5 business days for orders to be processed and then shipped.  Time in transit depends on selected shipping method.

     Q.  Do you ship to international destinations?
Sorry, not at this time.

     Q.  Can I cancel my order?
Any cancellations must be made with 24 hours from the time the order is placed.  

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